Steve Miller: A Journey in Oils & Pastels

Exhibit: JULY 29 – SEPT. 28, 2018

Reception Sunday, August 12 2-4pm MEET THE ARTIST

Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan, Irving TX

Flyer: SMiller-Journey-Flyer-8×11

This exhibition is a record of a “Journey”. The artwork tells many stories as it expresses the beauty of an awesome creation that God has made. I am inspired by people, landscapes and wildlife, pretty much all that we find in this universe, because it all is the Creator’s handiwork. Even in a fallen world the beauty is incredible. The way light and shadow moulds and reveals a landscape or a face or figure; The way the light warms and cools the subject revealing beauty and intrigue – this is what helps create the drama of the story being told through the art on this journey. It is these smaller stories that tell a greater, larger story of the presence of God in our world.

I work two ways in both Oil and Soft Pastels: Plein Air and Studio work. The Plein Air experience is a great teacher. I get outside in the “open air” and paint as often as I can. Grabbing the essence of a scene that is unfiltered and unchanged by a photograph is a great way to learn more about painting. The awesomely designed human eye is capable of seeing much more than the camera lens. This allows for more depth in both perception and execution of a painting. But, due to limitations of time and subject availability, studio work is a necessity. Therefore, I have to use photography to complete many works. Digital photography is a huge asset when using photos as reference. They can be manipulated and adjusted in a way to get closer to what the eye sees in person. With the use of digital photos, coupled with plein air work, I am able to create studio works with greater depth and values.

— Steve Miller

About the Artist:

Steve was born in Arlington, Texas in the late 50’s. Although he grew up in several locations across the South, he now lives in Grand Prairie, Texas with his bride of 40 years, Donna.

Steve has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic artist, creating art, illustration and graphics for several publications. He has also worked in computer animation and digital photography and digital illustration. In contrast to the computer related visuals, he works in oils and pastels, and has won several awards in local art competitions. Steve has no formal education in art, but says: “I have learned, and am learning, from artist friends and instructors who have traveled the road before me, people who are willing to share their knowledge of color, light and other art related concepts they have learned on their ‘journey’”.

Steve says “My foundational goal as an artist is to render the beauty of the incredible creation around us, a world that was created by an awesome God.”