Simple Portraits with a Gelli Plate Nov. 2

FREE OPEN ART WORKSHOPS: We’re dedicating the first Friday night of the month to acrylic paint. You can paint with it, do printmaking or gelli printing, pour it, create art journal pages etc. Your choice.

Tonight’s FREE project will be creating simple portrait prints using a Gel or Gelli plate.  (If you’d rather do your own project, that’s all right too.) It will be Friday, Nov. 2nd from 7-9pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm.

This project will make use of the transparency of a gel plate (silicone — or a homemade one made of gelatin, glycerin & water), so make sure your plate is clean. Also your plate needs to be at least medium size (8×10) for this process to work well.

If you don’t have a plate, you can borrow one of the instructor’s, but you may have to share.

Bring photocopies of portraits to work from (not the original photo since it might get damaged). The photocopy should be letter-sized and the face area should be large. Or tear out fashion magazine ads to work from.

Register on our Meetup page ( has free accounts) or email to reserve a spot.

Registration will be limited to 12 students.

Acrylic Night repeats first Friday night of each month — with a different project each time. THE NEXT SESSION will be Jan. 4 and we’ll be doing pouring.

Our sessions are free but bring your own supplies.

Basic Supplies you need to bring:
–acrylic paint & medium
–paper (paper useful for gel prints: mixed media, cardstock, deli paper, construction paper, copier paper, scrap paper, old paperbacks, deli paper, drawing paper, cheap watercolor paper) FOR TONIGHT’S PROJECT, BRING LETTER-SIZED PAPER or larger.
–paper towels and/or baby wipes
–brushes & tools (mark-making tools, pipettes, stamps & stencils are useful)
–water container
–palette or paper plates
–brayer to spread paint (or you can borrow one)