Printmaking and Mark Making Open Art Meetup May 24

Easy prints & infinite possibilities!

Junanne Peck will be your guide to creating Monotypes (one of a kind prints) and Mark Making.

Register on our Meetup site at or email Junanne at

Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX 75061
7-9pmdoors open at 6:30pm

The instruction is free, but there is a $5.00 supply fee.

Roll or brush ink onto a plate! Take some off! Print it! Put more on! Print it again! I will be standing by ready to assist as you create prints during two hours of Monotype Madness. You will use a printing press to transfer painted, stamped, stenciled or drawn designs from a plate to paper and create as many unique images as possible.

Infinite Possibilities!!

Junanne will supply:
Akua ink! Non Toxic
Brushes, brayers, stamps, stencils, paper.

$5.00 supply fee

What to bring:
Roll of paper towels
Baby Wipes (unscented)