Photography 1 with John Hunter & Terry Cockerham: Classes in March

FREE instruction. No materials fee! Registration required.

Dates: Thursday evenings, March 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2020 – 7 PM-9 PM
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr. Irving TX 75061

IAA Community Fine Art School Classes

Instructors: Terry Cockerham and John Hunter
Supply Fee : none

REGISTER (age: 17+ only)

SUPPLIES: Bring your camera, but most of the material will be conveyed via discussion (more theory than practice).

  1. Bone Basic (Understanding the basics)
    Shutter Speed, ISO, f-stop (Euclidean relation/the Trifecta)
    Flash or Ambient Light
    Changing Light
    Bounced Light/Reflector
    Remote Shutter release (wired/wireless)
  2. Composition (Universal Constants: Fibonacci/Golden Ratio, etc.)
    The Mathematics of the Universe
    Landscape vs Portrait
    Portraiture (Individual vs Group)
    Capturing the Moment
  3. Computer (Post Production)
    Very basic information. List the various tools available for each operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux), and list various online resources to learn how to use the tools.
    JPG vs RAW
    RGB and CMYK
  4. Wrap Up
    Discussion and review.

It is possible to have a good composition of a mundane subject, and conversely it is possible to have a poor composition of an exciting subject. The key is to find/create the well composed exciting subject. Beyond that, it is also possible to imbue a composition with emotion to transform a superficially mundane subject into something exciting and dramatic.

Sponsored by the Irving Art Association.