“Mi Corazón” Call for Mail Art


Curator:  Junanne Peck


“Mi Corazón”

A Celebration of the Heart 

A passionate and eclectic exhibition of creations inspired by the heart made by hand

This exhibition will explore the growing impact and influence of Hispanic art and culture in the United States. The dissemination of information: the spirit of the heart, alternately heavy, whimsical, or sentimental, sacred hearts, broken hearts, hearts of love and hearts of fire….

inspired by the human heart (Mi Corazón)

No Returns – Documentation online

Mail art will be on displayed with the “Mi Corazón” exhibit. No entry fee.

Send all mail art to

Junanne Peck

P.O. Box 8786

Fort Worth, TX 76124


Deadline for Submissions: January 30, 2023

Gallery Exhibition Dates: February 5 – February 24, 2023

Reception: February 12, 2023 from 2-4 pm 

Mail Art will be part of the “Mi Corazón” exhibit.

At: IAA Gallery 1975 Puritan Dr. Irving, TX