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Irving Art Association Member Websites

updated 2/2017

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Helen Bailey

Christopher Brown

Lisa Cardenas

Avli Dalal

Katrina Doran

Jim Duncan

Trapped Between WIll and Wit-Brett DYer

Sharon Giles “Red Field Flowers” SharonGilesArt.comImagekind GalleryPinterest Pinboards,

Jene Gravley  Gallery

Janice Hamilton

Hamilton “My Magnolia Tree “

Wendy Koehrsen

Patsy Lindamood

Pallavi Moharir

Michele Myers

Junanne Peck

Sharon Serrago

Jane Strong

Mary Anne Whittle


2 thoughts on “Member Websites

    • February 26, 2017 at 12:10 pm

      Sorry, I was busy with Texas & Neighbors. Your image and link and now up.

      Sharon Giles
      IAA Webmaster


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