Maria Ruenes: Sculpture Purses at the West Irving Library


Maria Ruenes is a new IAA member who works in 3-D art forms: clay sculpture and paper mache Alebrijes.  From our September demonstrator Pastor Garcia, she learned the paper mache technique of making the Mexican style fantastical creatures.  An exhibit is planned for fall for the Alebrijes.

Her exhibit of clay and ceramic purses is currently on view in the glass cabinets at the West Irving Library (4444 W. Rochelle near the intersection of Rochelle & Esters.) May 28 through July 30.

Brochure:  IAA2017MariaRuenesExhibitBrochure

Her Artist Statement:

First, when I began to work with clay I was just playing with it. I made vases, bowls, boxes, etc. Suddenly I wanted to do something different, something that could express my feelings.

At this point I thought about purses. Purses are an expression of fashion, taste, and comfort. They have to be functional but beautiful at the same time. And I remember my mother with her purse every single moment of the day. Since those days I realized how important a purse is. There are purses for every occasion, so I think of a special moment to create a new purse. If I am peaceful and calm, I think about the beach, so I make a beach purse, or a tote. If I am more excited and want to go out and have fun, I do an evening purse, or a clutch.

So that’s the way I work, I express my feelings through them. Each one is unique as life itself. Every single moment you live is unrepeatable so the purses are the same. They are unrepeatable and unique. I have memories for each one, so each one has a different story.