La tecnica antigua del Papel Mache (Paper Mache Turkey or Bird)

Dates: Wed., October 16, 23, 30, 2019 – 7 PM-9 PM
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr. Irving TX 75061
Note: instruction will be bilingual.

IAA Community Fine Art School Classes

Instructor Name: Lety Garcia
Supply Fee $10: pay through PayPal or mail a check by 10/1/19

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Trabajaremos con la tecnica antigua del “Papel Mache” Aprenderemos acerca de formas, moldeado de escultura, color, tono y valores creando un hermoso y colorido Pavo o Pajaro. Tendremos 2 sesiones mas 10/23 y 10/30 de 7 a 9 PM.

We will work with the ancient technique of ” Paper Mache” We will learn about shapes, molding sculpture, color, tone and value in creating a beautiful Turkey or Bird. 2 more sessions on 10/23 & 10/30. 7 to 9 PM.

Sponsored by the Irving Art Association.