John Lee Hunter Solo Exhibit: A LIFE IN ART…SO FAR

John Lee Hunter Solo Exhibit
29 April to 25 May 2018

Art has never been a choice for me. As most children will do, I drew on the walls, on my toys, in books, and on any other surface that would hold the mark of a crayon. Fortunately, I was encouraged by my mother to be creative and I was soon given materials to allow this impulse to continue and evolve.

Although I have found some commercial outlets for my talent through graphic design, my spirit speaks most effectively through abstraction. I will on occasion express myself on canvas through representational work, but I feel the media of photography and the written (and spoken) word are better suited for that. Literal representational art simply isn’t my style, although honestly I really don’t have a style. It is I believe my style to not have a style. I want always to be growing and evolving in my art, and with every step be embarking on a new adventure. As for myself. art is more about the journey than the destination.

This show is a retrospective view of my life in art so far.

I am not done yet.

-George Miadis to play live during opening reception on 06 May 2018
-David Carr Jr. to play live during closing reception on 25 May 2018