Jan. 23rd IAA Meeting: J.C. Phrey Mixed Media Demonstration

The January 23rd IAA Members Meeting will feature artist J.C. Phrey,  who will demonstrate how to do a mixed media painting. The example he’ll be working on will include aerosol, India Ink, Modeling Paste and Acrylic. He’ll be discussing texture and application of mixed media to desired effects as well as basic information about the items used and how it applies to his body of work. Items used for this will be brush, palette knives, plastic wrap, bubbles and hands. His intent is to get people outside of the traditional means of art and to show them fun and exciting ways to use their media of choice. 

Doors open at 6:30 pm and the Meeting starts at 7:00 pm at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts in Irving. Guests are welcome.  Directions.

Artists, don’t forget to bring your entry for the Artist of the Month competition. We will also have a Silent Auction of art supplies.

About the Artist:

JC is an East Texas born artist who grew up in a secluded area where he was left to entertain himself. His home was bare with no television or radio and he was not allowed outside of his home until he began school in the 1st grade. He was extremely antisocial and found joy in books and creating stories in his mind that would later become his passion for art. Left with an abundance of paper and pen he began drawing at a very early age and taught himself to escape his hellish living environment through elaborate imagery and characters he would make. 

He was born deaf and after starting school, underwent multiple surgeries to gain back 40% of his hearing. He first heard music in 1st grade and became infatuated with sound and the visual recreation of music through art. Listening to the stories told by Simon and Garfunkel, he would create the characters they sang about such as ‘The Boxer’, ‘Cecilia’ and even the ‘ The Bridge Over Troubled Water’. Music became his passion and creating that sound into art became his purpose. 

Today he will listen to music by his favorite artists such as Radiohead and Led Zeppelin and paint with the emotion and melody of the music to capture the feeling the songs introduces to him through color and movement. Texture and mixed media are a constant in his body of work and help to create the image of music as seen through his eyes. 

He now resides in DFW with his two children Mackenzie and Clint who are both artistically inclined. He works as a curator and producer of art shows, most notably the Revolutionary Walls which takes place in Bishops Arts. Always encouraging emerging artists and giving private instruction in his home Gallery, he has become what he wished he had as a child.  Now having several gallery tours and multiple festival art shows under his belt, he works mainly from home and finds joy in working on new projects with fellow artists and his children. Having sold over 500 works since 2013 he works mostly on commissions and his personal work, while collecting art from his favorite local artists.