IAA Members Meeting Tues., April 26 – Ty Milner “Painting a Panorama”

At the April IAA Members Meeting on Tuesday, April 26th, the oil painter Ty Milner will give a presentation about working on a very large project; a panorama of downtown Dallas. A solo exhibit of his works will also be on view in the small gallery.

Doors open at 6:30 pm. The business meeting and announcements start at 7:00 pm, followed by the art demonstration. Visitors are welcome. Location: Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX 75061. The wearing of masks and social distancing is no longer required by emergency county decree — but it is appreciated since we have many members with health issues.

Note: Each month members should bring one of their recent artworks by 6:45 p.m. to participate in the “Artist of the Month” competition. The winning artist is awarded a prize and the artwork is displayed in the Gallery until the next monthly meeting. Christina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant (cristinasmex.com) is currently contributing a prize certificate for “Artist of the Month”.

As always all gatherings are better with food! Please bring a snack to share (optional).

Silent Auction table: We’re reviving another custom — there will be a bargain table of art supplies and books for artists. All proceeds go to IAA.

About the Artist: Ty Milner

Ty is an oil painter and illustrator from Dallas. He has embarked on a multi-year endeavor, creating a work of art that can only be described as being monumental in size, scope, and scale. It is a panoramic, 180° view of Downtown Dallas, being painted in oil on a single stretched linen, which he hopes is a testament to a willingness to move forward through adversity, economic downturn, global pandemic, personal loss, and fire. To that end, it is Ty Milner’s goal that his works of art are not forgotten, but that they in fact mattered.

“This is a crossroads painting that transcends illustration and commercial rendering into the realm of fine art.”

“Where the portrait marries aspects of commercial art to fine art, and to a lesser degree, so does architectural illustration, this panoramic “cityscape” represents a jump-off point where methods from the Old Masters get introduced to the subject of the modern age as well as some of the historical aspects of a major metropolitan city.”

“Although this painting has been called my magnum opus by some, I would like to think that it is doorway to a new beginning.”

— Ty Milner

For more about the artist, see his Facebook page.