IAA Meeting Feb. 18 – Katrina Doran on Mosaics

The February IAA Members Meeting will be held on a Sunday at 2pm on February 18th.

It will feature artist Katrina Doran, who will give a talk about mosaics from classical to contemporary and demonstrate tools and cutting.

Special after demo mini-workshop: For an optional hands-on project, we’ll make tiles in mosaic patterns (note: $10 fee for supplies). You may prepay by PayPal or at the door with exact cash or check. Space is limited so register today! REGISTER NOW

Doors open at 1:00 pm and the Meeting starts at 2:00 pm at the Jaycee Park Center for the Arts in Irving. Guests are welcome.  Directions.

Artists, don’t forget to bring your entry for the Artist of the Month competition. We will also have a Silent Auction of art supplies.

Additional meeting time: Our traditional meeting time is the 4th Tuesday evening of the month – Victoria Robinson and John Hunter are planning a special demo for you. Attend both meetings if you wish!

About Katrina Doran:

Katrina Doran
Doran Studio:mosaic art & sculpture


Katrina Doran is a mosaic artist who delights in the breaking of things so she may reassemble them into something entirely new. She has studied worldwide with modern masters of this fine craft and brings to her practice a uniform sensibility and order used, to good effect, for the purpose of establishing beauty and harmony. Her practice is grounded in classical mosaic techniques dating back over 2000 years. In all of Doran’s makings there is an element of surprise waiting to be discovered. Doran’s interest, enthusiasm and passion for her art form is contagious, making her a popular lecturer, teacher and workshop facilitator.


Katrina Doran remembers always being drawn to the making of things. Her youngest years were often spent alone in the woods of her family farm where she gathered sticks, clay, vines and charcoal in order to create. Her mother taught her how to cook and to sew and she took well to both with a natural instinct for how things go together as flavors, textures, colors and forms. Her father, an engineer, made certain she could work on mechanical things establishing a groundwork for working with tools while finding solutions for the repair and building of structural objects.

Doran began her college studies in interior design and when told her first ten years in the field would be drawing other people’s blueprints, she changed her major to psychology. Doran was beginning to glimpse an inner yearning to make a difference in the lives of others. Her work following college returned to the decorating of homes and the creation of harmonious interior environments. One day, a friend urged her to try something new and Doran found herself being trained in the theatrical arts launching her next career as a corporate entertainer. Here she learned how to interact with large groups of people and was able to contribute her creative skills to both costume and prop designs. This phase of working eradicated all pretense of shyness in Doran and established the protocol and structure for producing a good event.

Each phase and component of Doran’s life allowed for the next natural growth and expansion. The time came when the pull to create art was strong enough it led to the art of mosaic. Doran has not looked back except in appreciation of how all her experiences allow her to express her passion for creating and her ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Doran creates custom mosaic works of art, teaches classes and conducts workshops for all ages. She is married to Denny Doran, a fine artist specializing in charcoal pencil portaits. Her son, Taylor Pierre Bryant a.k.a., Tay Tay Pierre, is a printmaker working on fashion designs. Together, they are in the process of developing an art compound, an environmental space designed to honor and support their pleasure in creating.

Artist Statement:

I am interested in creating curious objects of beauty that seem magical, as if they are from another time and place, or might have been something you once dreamed of. I am also interested in how we might create these things together or in the context of a group. I am fascinated by the ways we contribute to one another, the gifts we each have to share in order to express, expand, explore and grow. My vision for my life is to bring presence to a beauty beyond measure.

~Katrina Doran

Katrina Doran teaches mosaic art classes at the Creative Arts Center of Dallas.

Her works can be found in:

private settings throught the United States

The Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas
Greenhill School, Dallas, Texas
John Paul II, Plano, Texas
Visual Expressions Creative Arts School, Cedar Hill, Texas
Hospitality centers in California and Texas
Dallas International School, Dallas, Texas
Lee A. McShan, Jr. Elementary, Dallas, Texas
Anderson Elementary, Frisco, Texas
In partnership with Carlyn Ray Designs, works were created with the Alcuin school and Girls Inc.

For more about the artist, see her website: http://doranstudiomosaics.com