IAA 65th Annual Members Awards Online Show

The tradition of having an annual members awards show goes back 65 years to the founding of the Irving Art Association. To continue it during this time of quarantine, we are hosting the show online as a virtual gallery. This year 48 members responded to the call and submitted 148 works, without limitations imposed as to size or media as would be needed in a physical show.

Every year we include a challenge category and this year it is the one challenging us all — the current COVID-19 situation and issues relating to it. 24 artists participated in the challenge (that’s half!).

The show is now online – click here to see the virtual gallery. Then click on a thumbnail image in the montage to see a detailed image and information about the artist including artist statements. (note: there are several pages of the montage) The show is hosted on our new Flickr platform for image galleries along with the memories gathered in the IAA Photo Albums.

Instead of awards selected by a juror, we are experimenting with a vote by our members. The voting will be open from July 10th through July 23rd. The results will be announced on July 31st.

The top three artists will receive $100 each, and the artist with the most votes will also be offered a free online gallery (up to 15 pieces) hosted on our website for a year — as well as a place in our Spotlight Gallery at the IAA Gallery. We will also post a list of honorable mentions and the Challenge Winner.

Eligibility to vote: Each IAA member may vote once. Family memberships – limit of two votes. 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 members are eligible to vote. Members will be sent an online link to the ballot or can request an email ballot.

Participating Artists:

Hugh Adams
Shahin Amoli
Cordelia Bailey
Sharon Bakos
Charlotte Baugus
David Blow
Andrew Bugh
Ruben Contreras
Brett Dyer
Julie England
Linda Gamble Camp
Leticia Garcia
Jibin George
Sharon Giles
Jene Gravley
Mikey Hernandez
Jose Angel Hernandez
Sherry Houpt
John Lee Hunter
Marcie Inman
Jane Kahler
Prachi Kapadia
Nathaniel Kimmel
Susan Kindley

Jason Linenberger
Murthy Mantha
Zaira Marin
Vandana Mehta
Beth Menking
Mary Moreno
Susan Murray
James Neiswender
Don O’Bannon
Quentin Ochs
Junanne Peck
Rebecca Prince
Gwen Revino
Christine Rook
Fareeda Saleem
Stephen Schlarb
Agnieszka Servantes
Mikki Sikorski
Behnaz Sohrabian
Jyoti Tyagi
Jane Walker
MaryAnne Whittle
Virginia Wygal
Mark Zeske