Texas and Neighbors Signature Members


Signature Designation

Irving Art Association proudly recognizes the following artists who have exhibited in this show more than 5 times. Recipients receive a commemorative pin, a certificate and a link to their website from the Texas & Neighbors website. Artists are entitled to use the suffix “TxN” after their names.

2018 Signature Artists List

Congratulations to our new Signature Artists for 2018:
Hebe Brooks, Gisa Elwazir, Albert Handell, Russell Mackensen and Lynn Ruoff


Anderson, Karin Michele 10  www.karinmicheleanderson.com/

Archer, Michael 5   mickeyarcher.faso.com 

Bachers, Gary E. 8 www.garybachers.com/

Baggs, Rose 5 rosebaggs.weebly.com/

Barta, Dorothy 6 artfocusxc/artists/dorothy-barta

Bateman, Jan 5

Betts, Judy 6 www.judibettsaws.com/

Blalock, Dorothy 5

Borschow, Cecie 13 artfocusxc/artists/cecie-borschow

Box, Martha 8

Brooks, Hebe 5 www.artbyhebe.com

Brouillette, Al 5

Brown, Gene 7 artodyssey1.blogspot.com/2011/02/gene-brown.html

Burch, Lynda 6 www.lyndaburch.com

Byrd, Nel Dorn 21 neldornbyrd.com

Cadenhead, Mary 10

Calabrese, John 5 www.bluecanvas.com

Chandler, Marilyn 5

Chwae, Janette 5

Comess, Leonard 8

Cox, Mary Jane 5

Cusick,  Lori 5 loricusick.com

Davis, Mary Jean 5

Davis, William F. 5

DeChiara, George 5 georgedechiara.com

Delger, Gail 16 gaildelger.com

DiGiacomo, Francis 6

Elwazir, Gisa 5

Erickson, Colleen 6  colleenericksonart.blogspot.com

Fairchild, Anne 9 afairchild.com

Faust, Anne S. 11

Flori, Carol 7

Fournet, Ernie 9 www.elfournet.com/

Giles, Sharon 5 sharongilesart.com 

Goodrum, Ellna 5

Hamilton, Janice 9 www.jhamiltonart.com/

Handell, Albert 5 alberthandell.com

Hardy, Ann 18 www.AnnHardy.com

Hardy, Linda Lucas 7  www.lindalucashardy.com

Haywood, Beth 5 bethhaywood.com 

Herring, Linda 6

Hirsch, Marian 8 www.marianhirsch.com

Hoffman, Harold 5

Holmes, Cindy 7

Holter, Michael 5 www.michaelholter.com

Hornish, Shari 10

Huang, Charlie 5

Hughes, Barbara 6

Ingle, Robin 6 www.robiningleart.com/

James, John 7


Keehn, Jerrie 5

Kelly, Gaye 7

Kleopfer, George W. Jr. 10

Kochan, Pat 5

Krejci, Priscilla 14 priscillakrejci.com

Krendick, Janis 11

Lapsitis, John 11

Lindamood, Patsy 5 www.lindamoodfineart.com 

Littlefield, Joanna 5

Long, Lynn 5

MacFarland, Barbara 6

Mackensen, Russell 5 mackensenfineart.com

Maines, Marie 9 www.mariemaines.com

Martin, Dorothy 7

Mauldin, Charles H. 6

Meynig, Anita 15

Miller, Steve 9 www.stevemillerstudios.com/

Millican, Barbara 11

Moerschel, Chiara 10

Mower, Fran 6

Nishikawa, Kenji 6 kenjinishikawa.blogspot.com 

Norman, Timothy 5

Nunn, Bob 5  www.dallasartsrevue.com/members/N/BNunn/BobNunn.shtml

O’Con, Gaylord 7 gaylordocon.com

Otsu, Junko 7 junko-otsu-art.com

Petty, Charles E. 9 www.chuckpettyfineart.com

Potter, Jeff 5 jeffpotterart.com

Quarles, Sonja 7 www.sonjaquarles.com

Reneau, Akiko 6

Roberts, Carol 7 CarolCRobertsFineArt.com

Rohm, Robert 6 bobrohm.com

Romeo, Elizabeth 6

Rosenlund, Peg 10 www.pegrosartist.com

Ruoff, Lynn Marinko 5 www.lynnruoff-art.com

Rushton, Lynn 6 lynnrushton.com/

Schalij, Elisabeth 5

Shields, Harry 17

Shomaker, Dianna 5  www.diannashomaker.com

Smith, Kay 6 www.kaysmith.artspan.com

Sparks, Perrin 5

Stephens, Ron 7 fineartamerica.com/profiles/ron-stephens.html

Stephenson, Jane C. 15

Stone, Cynthia 5  www.northdallasart.com/Cynthia_Stone.htm

Strunck, Juergen 6

Thompson, Bill N. 6 www.billthompsonphotographic.com

Todd, Theda C 7

Tormolen, Smokey 5

Trevino, Ann 7

Turner, Cecy 16 www.cecyturner.com

Waggoner, Suzanne 6

Wallace, Daggi 6

Warren, Soon 16

Wescott, Dee 5

Williams, Jo 5  www.jowilliamswatercolors.com

Womack, Anne 7

Zeugin, Sharon 5  sharonzeugin.com



For updates and corrections, email info@texasandneighbors.com.

One thought on “Texas and Neighbors Signature Members

  • April 22, 2016 at 1:31 pm

    Jeff Potter pursued his artistic visions for over 40 years. In addition to painting in pastel, oil and watercolor, he was also a printmaker who created reduction prints with as many as seven colors and black-only prints. Jeff earned his BA (Art) from UNM and two science degrees. He exhibited in regional competitions for over 25 years and many galleries throughout the west. He founded the Alameda Studio Tour in 2011 and continued to promote the annual tour for the rest of his life. Jeff belonged to the Corrales Society of Artists, Pastel Society of New Mexico, Rio Grande Art Association and the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico. He was also active in Masterworks. Jeff was a signature member of the Pastel Society of New Mexico and the Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition. His work was awarded publication in American Artist magazine in 1990. Jeff exhibited throughout the west in juried arts fairs since 1990. Most of Jeff’s work is landscape: he often painted en plein air in remote locations, where human activity is minimized. In 2007 he formed a collaborative group – the Distractionists – to explore abstraction while still improving his more traditional techniques. He and the other Jeff Potter Distractionists created over 50 projects and exhibited their group’s work. Even his recent battle with brain cancer affected his artistic path for the better – more energetic use of methods such as complementary color underpainting to reverse hand painting. The results are scenes with great depth and interest. RIP


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