Award Winners of the 2020 Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition

The Texas & Neighbors Exhibition is an annual collaboration between the Irving Art Association and the Irving Arts Center. This exhibition we are celebrating its 35th year.

This year the gallery exhibit will be a virtual exhibition only, due to the temporary closing of the Irving Arts Center for the quarantine (it was scheduled to be on display May 17 through June 13, 2020). There will be no reception either. A total of $9,000 will be awarded to the winners of the 35th competition.

85 works of art were chosen by Juror Kristin Rivas for the 35th Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition from a record 883 entries. 326 artists residing in five states (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas) entered the regional show. This year’s competition introduced two new categories: Photography and Sculpture.
Marcie Inman,
Director of Exhibitions & Education, Irving Arts Center
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX 75061
John Hunter,
Texas & Neighbors Exhibits Chair,
Irving Art Association

Juror Kristin Rivas
Signature Artists
Award Winners

Winner’s Gallery
Invited Artists:

Juror Kristin Rivas

Director, Samuel Lynne Galleries in Dallas

Kristin Rivas was born and raised in North Texas. She had a passion for fine art from a very young age and has led diverse careers in both business and banking; however, her artistic tendencies ultimately led her to the art world. After graduating from Texas Woman's University with a Bachelor’s in Art History, she continued her studies within the University of North Texas’ graduate program, focusing on Abstract Expressionism. During her time at North Texas, Kristin published multiple papers on Modern & Contemporary Art in India, including the impact of the Kiran Nidar Museum and the work of Bharti Kher.

Kristin has been with Samuel Lynne Galleries since 2014 and was appointed Director in 2016. Her passion for Dallas’ art community has landed her several board positions. Most recently Kristin was elected as President of the Dallas Art Dealers Association (DADA), an affiliation of established, independent gallery owners and art organizations in the Dallas area. She also serves on the Art Selection Committee for the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC), and volunteers with the Business Council for the Arts.

All the art selections and awards were made by the juror with the exception of the IAC Award of Excellence, which was selected by Marcie Inman, Director of Exhibitions & Education, Irving Arts Center.

Signature Artist Awards for 2020

Irving Art Association proudly recognizes the artists who have exhibited in this show five times or more. For the complete list of 108 Signature Artists, click here.

Congratulations to our newest Signature Artists:
Tanja Gant, Lin Hampton, and Nancy Maas

The following signature artists were also chosen for the 2020 show:

Steve Danner, Gisa Elwazir, Colleen Erickson, Michael Holter, Patsy Lindamood, Bob Nunn, and Lynn Ruoff.

Award Winners for 2020

Debbie Parmley
“London Morning” watercolor
IAC Award of Excellence
John McCuin
“Transience” oil

For the Winners Gallery, click here.

Debbie Parmley
“London Morning” watercolor

IAC Award of Excellence
John McCuin
“Transience” oil

Acrylic: (21 invited) 
• 1st – U. Crosby “While I Pray Acrylic”
• 2nd – Cheryl Caro “Pure Joy”
• 3rd – Mikki Sikorski “Late Afternoon in LaGrasse”
• HM – Marianne Howard “We’re All Gorilla Girls Now #1”
Drawing (5 Invited) 
• 1st – Tanja Gant, CPSA, CPX “Pure Heart”
• HM – Autumn Blaylock “They’re Quick and Slick and Insincere!”
• HM -Patsy Lindamood “Lean In”
Mixed Media (9 invited) 
• 1st – Brenda McDougall “MoonLight Sun”
• 2nd –  Natalie Lambert “Sensory Surplus”
• 3rd – Laura Hunt”Before I Knew Her”  

Oil Painting (26 invited) 
• 1st – Anton Hoeger “Swimmer”
• 2nd – Lin Hampton “Playground Motion”
• 3rd – Aria Brownell “Dan Waking Up From a Midday Moonmat Nap at the Vibes”
• HM – Kelly Hrad “Color Brick Road”
• HM – Morgan McCullin “Nathan”
Photography (8 invited) 
• 1st – Michelle Elwazir “Renaissance Sass”
• 2nd – Ashley Miller “Bag of Sugar”
• 3rd – Ziesook You “Scent of Broq-pa 08082019” 

Sculpture (8 invited) 
• 1st – Amy Branch-Lambert “Fragile Memory”
• 2nd – Humberto DeGarrio “Blaze”
• 3rd – Karen Bullitt “Halved”

Watermedia (8 invited)
• 1st – Lisa Tennant “Cast Aside”
• 2nd – Michael Holter “Shapes and Shadows”
• 3rd – Court Bailey “Autumn on the Trinity”