Request for website publication and publicity

Note: for use of IAA board members, solo exhibitors, exhibit curators, and instructors for IAA classes & workshops.

To reserve solo exhibits in the small gallery, or teach a class or workshop, email first. This form is for pre-approved events only.

This form will send information to the members of the IAA webteam, who will publicize your event, including the webmaster, web editor, graphics artist, publicity chair, and newsletter editor. Questions? Email

Pre-approved Events Only!
Lead time: at least a month if possible (more for a juried show or multi-day workshop)

To post your request, click on this link.

Where to start for ideas on what to say? SEARCH the website for older posts. Use the Search Box function for the IAA website – included in the right-hand column of the website.

What to include in an article for the website:

Be sure to include the basics for journalism
Who, What, Where, When, and Why? (And How?)

Who? – Be sure to include the names of all artists involved. If it’s a demo, workshop or solo exhibition, you may want to include a brief biography and link to the artist’s website. Target audience: Who are you writing for: the public, area artists, or our members? Avoid artspeak unless your target is art hipsters.

What? – Description of the event — exhibit, reception, class, workshop, art demonstration, paint out, festival, art activity, etc. Make it clear if it’s free or requires a fee. And who it is open to — the public, local artists or member artists, etc.

Where? – See our address information below. Other places: The West Irving Library, 4444 W. Rochelle, Irving TX 75062 (near the intersection of Rochelle & Esters). Irving Arts Center, 3333 N. MacArthur Blvd., Irving TX 75062

When? Day and time; make it clear if it’s a one-time or repeating event.

Why? This is where you capture attention and entice the reader into attending or participating. Include interesting images to start with. Use a title that is clear and informative or will catch the eye. Some sparkling or folksy prose helps. Also sharing something personal. Consider your target audience.

How? Contact or RSVP or sign up information and web links if that’s relevant.

Contact information: Include email and gallery phone number (only during gallery hours). Your personal email is ok, but not your personal phone number since it’s usually linked to your personal address on the Internet.

Images: Art announcements should always have art in them! This is part of the enticement and visual communication. Include at least two or three images, one of which can be turned into a header or featured image for the article.

The submission form may not work if you try to upload images larger than 3 MB Either reduce them in size or email them directly to A free online image editor is PicMonkey 

If you want to create your own header, please make it 600×400 in size — that’s 600 pixels in width and 400 in height— but keep it low res if possible (under 100 dpi). This proportion works well for rotating sliders, featured images, Facebook events, and meet-up announcements. Larger square images work better on Instagram. Otherwise, our graphics artist will create the featured header.

Information about IAA:
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