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  • Jaycee Park Center for the Arts Gallery 972-721-2488
  • IAA Office voice mail 972-721-8063


  • For IAA Board: or
  • For exhibits: or
    For membership:
    For development:
  • For Texas & Neighbors: or

Mailing address: 
Irving Art Association, P.O. Box 153581, Irving, TX 75015-3581

Physical address: (Gallery)
Jaycee Park Center for the Arts, 1975 Puritan Dr., Irving TX 75061

The IAA Board usually meets monthly.

2019 – 2020 IAA Board and Officers:

  • President – Rachel  Gregory
  • Vice President – Victoria Robinson
  • Gallery Director – John Lee Hunter
  • Membership Chair – Jose Angel Hernandez
  • Treasurer –  Victoria Robinson (pro temp)
  • Secretary –  Sheryl McBroom
  • Exhibits – John Hunter
  • Events/Hospitality Chair – vacant
  • Newsletter- Sheryl McBroom
  • Librarian – Victoria Robinson
  • Corporate Art Appreciation Program (CAAP) Exhibits – Frankie Sieloff Couch
  • Historian – vacant
  • Publicity Chair – Sharon Giles
  • Scholarship – vacant
  • Texas & Neighbors – or
  • Community Member-at-Large – vacant
  • Webmaster – Sharon Giles web team: Madhu Prabhu and Rebecca Prince
  • Painting / Activity groups: volunteer teaching opportunities available
    • Tuesday Painters – Victoria Robinson
    • Thursday Art Group – John Hunter
    • Friday Open Art Night programs – Sharon Giles

3 thoughts on “Contacts (IAA Board)

  • March 11, 2021 at 12:17 pm

    Dear Board Members: 03/11/2021

    Sunday afternoon March 7, I was walking around Jaycee Park, just seeing all that was being done to
    channel Mother Nature, as it were. The pond has greatly shrunken. Whereas, before the earth and water works project began, the three hippos were in the water. Now they have migrated, so to speak, to the weedy shore line. I’d attach pictures of their new location, but it is not far from where they were. Besides, I see no facility to attach pictures.

    My concern is how these pieces of art are being handled. I suspect that if they were treasured works some preservation effort would be made to move them carefully away from the construction site.

    I’d appreciate knowing what measures are being taken to protect them from accidental harm.

    Thank you,

    Irving, Texas

    • March 13, 2021 at 12:17 pm

      Hi GMCCarthy,

      The City of Irving now owns the Hippo water feature (a gift from the Irving Art Association.) Could you address your concerns to the City of Irving Parks & Recreation Dept.? Joe Moses, Director General phone no for the dept. – Phone: (972) 721-2501

      Thanks for your interest in art conservation,

      — Sharon Giles, Irving Art Association webmaster

      Here is the information posted on the construction project:
      Delaware Creek Construction at Jaycee Park
      The pond and Delaware Creek running through Jaycee Park, Irving, Texas.

      The City of Irving is expanding Jaycee Park pond and its dam.

      The project is part of the Delaware Creek Drainage Improvements project between Cripple Creek Drive and State Highway 183. Excavation to make the pond wider has begun, and construction also is underway on new wastewater mains through Jaycee Park.

      During the week of Dec. 2, the contractor will remove the pedestrian bridge in the park as part of making the pond wider. A new longer bridge will be installed after the widening of the pond is complete.

      For safety, the area is secured from public access with fencing. Park patrons are advised to stay clear of fenced and barricaded areas. Full access to this portion of the park is expected at the completion of the project in December 2021.

      Jaycee Park is located at 1975 Puritan Drive. This project is part of Phase 4 of the master-planned Delaware Creek Basin drainage channel improvement project.

  • May 4, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    Just a simple question…

    I’m interested to join to your organization that I found in the email I received and I also want to participate in the next art event that you have included in the info received. Before I pay the appropriate amount for membership and the cost to enter I have one question. The photography I have is a huge collection some of which are historic while others are modern contemporary. Are you limiting the age of an image that might have been in the 1975 – 2018 yrs while only others within the current recent three years can be shown?


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