Ink – Inkwash – Dry Media – free workshop with John Lee Hunter on May 5

05 May 2018 Saturday 10am- 2pm


John Lee Hunter will be giving a workshop on Ink & Ink Wash and Dry Media on 05 May 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The workshop is open to all current members at no cost. Bring your own materials (List Below).

The workshop is a beginners to intermediate lesson in the use of ink with nibs and brush, and pencil & charcoal. Since 05 May 2018 is “Free Comic Book Day” at comic book shops, there will be a tie-in to illustration for print with samples of original comic book art, commercial art, and a discussion of for print production.

Suggested materials:
Black India Ink
Pen Shaft & Nib(s)
Paper (plain paper, Bristol, charcoal paper, watercolor paper)
Water Tub (artist’s brush cleaning tub, bowl, or other)

There will be no set design or illustration. Techniques for material use will be discussed and executed as fits the comfort level of the student. This will be a relaxed, casual gathering.

John will have paper and pencils to share if anyone wants to come and just sketch and draw during the workshop…. no maximum number. An RSVP would be appreciated: