IAA Artists participate in NYLO Weekend B.E.A.T.S.


NYLO Irving / Las Colinas B.E.A.T. S.
(short for Beverages Entertainment Arts Taste Socialize)

Artists that participate are providing art demonstrations and exhibition displays to promote their artwork on Saturdays and Sundays 11am – 3pm.  The events are coordinated by VET as part of our CAAP Program (Corporate Art Appreciation Program).

NYLO Irving / Las Colinas is located at 1001 W. Royal Lane
Irving, TX 75039.  http://www.nylohotels.com/lascolinas

The NYLO updated schedule is:

Oct 3 Pooran /Sheila              Oct 4 Pooran

Oct 10  Sheila                       Oct 11 Victoria

Oct 17 Pat/Susan                   Oct 18 Pat/Susan

Oct 24 VET                            Oct 25 VET

Oct 31 VET                            Nov 1 Patricia/Victoria

Nov 14 Linda                           Nov 15 Linda

Nov 21 VET/Patricia                Nov 22 VET/Patricia

Nov 28 Patsy                          Nov 29 Patsy

Dec 5 Jane                             Dec 6 Jane

Dec 12 Linda                           Dec 13 Linda

Dec 19 Sheila/VET                  Dec 20 Sheila/VET