Volunteers needed

A message from the IAA President: (from the Feb. newsletter)
Now I make my Plea to the members….To be able to continue to have the fine facility with great gallery space and workshop venue, we need help. Every art organization depends on volunteers. IAA is unique in that we have a space to meet have workshops and a members gallery and an open gallery, but if no one volunteers to help work the shows, the bookings, the business end of IAA, I’m sure you know what will happen. We are currently in need of volunteers to be on the nominating committee for the 2008-2009 IAA board officers and committees. This nominating committee must be named at our February 26th Members meeting. The new 2008-2009 Officers and committees must be named at our March 25th Members meeting and voted on at our April 22nd Members meeting. Our last Members meeting is May 27th and our year-ends May 31st. The new year starts June 1st and although the members do not meet again until September 23rd, the board officers and committees work maintaining programs, gallery and shows. Please step up and volunteer for the nominating committees and or consider what you can do in a volunteering capacity for IAA, the oldest cultural arts organization in Irving. Call me at 972-254-5049 or email b_fuqua@tx.rr.com.

Beverly Fuqua
IAA President 2007-2008